How to Protect Your Windows from Flying Balls

When your home faces the baseball park or golf course or when you have a backyard being used by kids for batting practice, you should heed steps to protect the windows in your home. It’s for sure you don’t want to end up with broken windows all the time. While you can always resort to getting your windows all covered with plywood, this hurricane window protection method seems rather extreme.  Everyone will think you’re a lunatic homeowner to brace for a strong storm when the weather is looking sunny and bright. Of course, you don’t want your house to be shrouded in darkness when you have your windows completely covered with nailed plywood. So, here are some of the best and less crazy-looking options you have to protect your windows against getting smashed by flying balls.

Among the top protective methods you can employ is to utilize tempered glass into your home Austin Windows. Stay away from plate glass that will easily shatter even with minimal pressure. Tempered glass is strong. In fact, it is five times stronger than the standard glass. The best thing about this toughened glass is that when it breaks there is no danger of having deadly glass shards flying out. When this glass gets smashed by a high-speed ball, it will safely break down into tiny oval-like glass pebbles.

Another method to protect your windows is to use some metal bars or metal covering. Metal bar caging can be permanently installed outside your windows where flying balls will be a daily danger. The use of this thing, though, doesn’t look attractive when viewed outside, but it helps to know you won’t be replacing your window glass anytime soon. The metal window coverings may be a much better option if you’re a stickler for aesthetics since these protectors can be lowered during times when you need protection and can be tucked in its box located on top of your windows during clear and ball-free-flying times.

You may also opt to install exterior shutters onto your windows. These functional exterior shutters can be made out of durable wood, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass and iron. These can be hinged to either side of your home windows. When kids are at play outside, or when you are having an event where you hire a company like for amazing photographs, you can always swing close these shutters to keep your beautiful house windows safe.

Finally, you can get help from a window company. Professional window installers can recommend and install protective films onto your home windows. The safety film and security laminate can help fortify your window glass. Such products can significantly reduce the risk of accidental injuries from broken glass resulting from flying golf balls and baseballs. What’s best is that you earn protection from flying objects plus you get to provide UV protection and reduce the energy bill inside your home. Be sure that you take into consideration too the your Doors Austin may need to be upgraded ad well.